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Racking Inspection

With over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation of storage systems, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to conduct inspections and diagnostics of your shelving.

During the daily use of shelving, it is common and frequent for impacts to occur with lifting equipment, resulting in a gradual loss of structural strength. A significant impact or accumulation of damage to the elements can trigger the collapse of the structure, leading to operational disruptions, damage to assets, and the risk of loss of human lives.


ALMACENO, with its own engineering, ensures safety in shelving through the application and compliance with earthquake-resistant design and manufacturing standards, supported by calculation reports. However, shelving can also be obtained in the market that, although guaranteeing the capacity of requested loads, lack engineering support and have unregulated manufacturing and quality control processes. This fact poses risks of structural collapse due to the lack of knowledge of design criteria, manufacturing processes, and raw materials used in the production of elements.

To prevent the collapse of storage structures and operate them safely and reliably, it is necessary to carry out periodic inspections and diagnostics. During these, the risk-generating factors can be identified and mitigated, in addition to implementing necessary corrective measures to ensure all elements are in optimal condition. In some cases, it is necessary to redesign the shelving and conduct laboratory tests to determine the load capacities of installed elements; ALMACENO has its own laboratory for load testing under the RMI-2010 standard. The purpose of the inspection and diagnostic service is not only to identify damages in the shelving; its scope includes mitigating the occurrence of these through training for administrative and operational personnel to implement good operating practices.

periodic inspection of your shelving

The scope of ALMACENO's
inspection and diagnostic service includes:

of Neglecting Maintenance:

is to mitigate the occurrence of findings:

Our inspections are based on the following norms:



Having a safe and efficient warehouse is just that simple.

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