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Engineering for Storage Systems: Seismic Resistance

We have a specialized technical team in structural calculations that define the optimal specifications of elements for each project, ensuring a safe performance of the system during a seismic event. ALMACENO continuously drives the development of new products and the integration of technologies for material handling and storage through our R&D process.

The design of our storage systems is based on the international standard for racks RMI (Rack Manufactures Institute), complementing engineering with the use of local seismic resistance codes. (For Colombia, the Colombian Standards for Seismic Design and Construction NSR-10 apply).

Inspection and Diagnostic Service

During the daily use of racks, it is common for impacts with lifting equipment to occur, causing a gradual loss of structural element strength. A significant impact or accumulation of damage to the elements can trigger the collapse of the structure, leading to operational disruption, damage to assets, and the risk of human life loss.

Servicio de Inspección y diagnóstico de estanterías industriales
Instalación de racks


We have a team of qualified installers to carry out the assembly of various storage systems. They have extensive experience in complying with the installation standards required for these systems, ensuring their proper functioning.

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